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Is there a lack of focus in your marketing efforts? Are you having trouble committing to a certain approach? Do you have a marketing strategy in place? It can be really difficult to execute any plans without a marketing strategy. Marketing is like a game of chess, where you’re constantly thinking of the next step. A marketing strategy will map out what goals you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish these goals.

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Never stretch yourself so far that when the rope can't take it any more, it springs back so far that there is far too many creases to fix. The business person who has the most ideas, doesn't always win, unless of course, they have a team of people who have learned that while they may have great ideas, they are terrible at execution.
Wednesday, 22 December 2010

No keys?

It had to happen sometime! I took out the rubbish this morning at my new apartment in my pyjamas, pre shower, pre brushing my hair, and the unthinkable happened… the door locked behind me.