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Cultivating a team that embodies respect and good manners is paramount to success in the fast paced and competitive realm of the marketing industry. As a marketing agency or marketing firm, our reputation hinges not only on the quality of our work but also on the professionalism and conduct of our team members. Polite and respectful behaviour lays the foundation for strong client relationships, effective collaboration and overall team productivity. We will explore the significance of training a polite and respectful team and provide practical guidance on creating a work environment that upholds these values.

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We’ve all been there. When we’re tired, your meal takes longer than you feel it should, or simply, you are frustrated with something that you deem to be basic but becomes very hard. I’m guilty of being “that” customer who desperately needs a revision mirror in that moment and have placed the blame on innocent customer service agents who are simply just doing their job.

Bad customer service is one thing, but quite often the actual customer needs to look in the mirror and see themselves.

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For 13 years, we have had an office dog. Her name was Pippa Smith. Everyone, and I am mean everyone loved her, none more so than myself.
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Ever wondered why some workplaces are 'happier' than others? Why some people beem when they leave the office, glowing from the after-affects of a productive day? This phenonemon is more about how you grow your team, and what type of people you employ.
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