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The aged care sector has faced unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, compelling many facilities to rethink and revamp their marketing strategies.

One such example is Cobram Regional Care, which undertook a significant rebranding initiative during this period. This move not only revitalised their presence but also aligned their image more closely with the evolving expectations of families and residents.

This blog explores why rebranding is becoming a critical strategy for aged care facilities and how a focused approach to marketing can transform their outreach and engagement efforts.

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In the real estate industry, brands are much like the buildings they represent. Think of them as the foundation for a cluster of interconnected businesses, each operating under the expansive umbrella of a larger brand identity. But, just as in any intricate design, knowing when to rely on the overarching brand and when to let your own brand identity take centre stage is essential for success.

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In the highly competitive era dominated by digital marketing, it's easy to overlook the timeless power of print media. However, for contact centres aiming to establish their presence and reach a highly targeted audience, advertising in magazines and trade editorials can be a strategic move. Let’s study the distinct advantages of utilising print media in your marketing arsenal.

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Staying ahead requires a deep understanding of the cultural lens through which our target audience perceives the world in the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing. As marketing professionals, we bring our cultural backgrounds, which undoubtedly provide valuable insights. However, they can also pose challenges when it comes to connecting with diverse audiences. We will delve into the importance of embracing cultural diversity and explore how it can unlock the true potential of our marketing campaigns. By acknowledging and celebrating diverse cultural perspectives, we can overcome these challenges and create campaigns that resonate with a wide range of audiences.

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While the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide stronger data driven marketing strategies is widely acknowledged, many marketing teams still hesitate to fully embrace AI due to fear and uncertainty of what AI means to their jobs. The push back internally at Marketing Eye from marketers afraid that AI will take their jobs or a feeling of "cheating" has been a challenge to overcome, but once AI has become familiar with a marketers day-to-day job, they embrace it and learn to use it in a way that improves their job satisfaction.

As we will explore the common fears surrounding AI adoption in marketing teams and for marketing consultants, and shed light on how overcoming these fears can unlock the true potential of AI for scaling marketing operations, we must first acknowledge that a shift in mindset is critical to better marketing performance.

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When your small business possesses a quality offering and you have full confidence in its value for your target audience, it's a great foundation for marketing. But in reality, with these traits, you’re not alone, and the competition is fierce in your industry. Naturally, you desire your brand to stand out and be recognisable amongst a crowded. Not only that, but for it to resonate with your target audience in a way that provides a unique and memorable experience for them. As a marketing consultant, these things are what we hear every day, but to truly be unique and stand out your marketing message must be more evident and not the same as your competitors.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a drastic shift in the way businesses operate, thrusting them into the realm of remote work. As this new paradigm becomes the norm, the world of marketing has not been spared from its effects. However, amidst the transition to remote work, companies are encountering a significant challenge when it comes to hiring marketers.

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Scaling campaigns successfully is a paramount objective for businesses aiming to reach broader audiences and achieve substantial growth and something that all marketing consultants should be taking seriously. To embark on this ambitious journey, marketing consultants must navigate a complex landscape of strategies, tools and variables that can make or break their efforts.

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