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For the past 8 months, I have been going to pilates. It’s something that I never did more than ‘on occasion’ for most part only when I arrived from a long-haul flight from Melbourne to Los Angeles. The hangover from the past few years has slowly disappeared and after the first quarter last year, I started to rethink life. 

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Marketing is a multi-faceted field that requires a diverse range of skills and expertise. While effective marketing is essential to establish and maintain brand recognition, drive customer engagement, and ultimately increase revenue growth, this is only possible with a strong marketing team. A strong marketing team gives a business the resources and expertise necessary to develop and execute comprehensive marketing strategies. It can also facilitate and boost brand recognition, customer engagement, and revenue growth.

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Having worked across the personal development (PD) space on a range of sports, business and PD magazines that each touched on positive psychology, I will admit to being a little bit cynical about the hype created by some of its spruikers.

I have a particularly harsh view of the ‘million-dollar-in-a-minute’ personal development coaches who are all bombast and no substance, so when I come across people who offer true value in the space I am inclined to listen to them.
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