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Step into any 7-Eleven store and you'll likely find yourself standing in line, waiting to get your hands on one of their freshly brewed cups of coffee. But have you ever wondered why the line moves quickly, even though their coffee is priced lower than most competitors? The answer lies in 7-Eleven's clever pricing strategy and its focus on delivering quality products and services.

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The world is becoming increasingly interconnected. As a result, businesses are expanding into international markets to take advantage of new opportunities. With the rise of globalisation, companies need to understand the significance of marketing in a global economy. Reaching international markets presents a massive opportunity for businesses to increase their revenue streams and establish a solid global presence. 

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One of the best ways to reach your audience is by using every available resource. Content diversification is all about stretching the boundaries of your creativity. The biggest opportunities that content diversification gives you is the chance to reach more people and generate more revenue. Refuse the temptation to stick to one platform and connect with your audience on all the platforms they use. Give your customers the choice of how they can engage with your brand, and they’ll be more likely to engage regularly. Below, we’ve got a few points to consider when diversifying your content. 

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It's dawned on me that old-fashion marketing managers are becoming increasingly unsettled in their high chairs with the massive transformation that has occured over the past 5 years in responsibilities.

I use to say, "marketing provides the forum for sales to occur". And that still rings true today, but what needs to be added to the bow is "marketing is responsible for revenue derived from inside sales platforms and anything digital or content driven".
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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

IT firms hang on in wake of GFC


The IT industry is buying less hardware, says Andrew Thomas

It’s been a year of mixed fortunes for IT businesses.