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Marketing Interns Testimonials

Intern, Sydney
Currently studying a Bachelors of Law and Commerce at Macquarie University, I entered university with the goal of graduating as a business lawyer. So much has changed since finishing my first year of university. Unlike high school, universities provide you with an array of different subjects, and truly allow you to explore different things to find what you enjoy the most. With so many different options and subjects provided, it changes things. While I may have gone to university with the mind-set of graduating as a business lawyers, that’s certainly not how I feel now.
When finishing up with high school I was unsure on what I wanted to pursue career wise and spent a little while thinking about what I wanted to eventually do post-university. While working at a labouring job I was rather unhappy with the type of work that I was doing and decided to start studying and get a real education, something that will lead me to a fulfilling career, but the question was, what did I wanted to study? I looked at various Tafe courses and marketing really stood out to me, more so than others and at the time and I had little to no idea about what marketing entailed. After completing my course I graduated with two certificates and a diploma and was off to university to expand my studies, and during my time studying I was exposed a large variety of the different aspects involved in marketing and sales.      
I am a student at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. I am studying for a bachelor’s degree of small business and retail management with a focus in marketing. As part of your bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands you are required to do an internship to become acquainted with the work field, in which you are interested, in order to work in your future career and to learn to apply the theory in practice.  
Jennyfer Payet
I am an international student at La Trobe University, studying a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences.  I initially entered university through a Bachelor of Arts, with the intention to do a double major in Strategic Communication and Psychology. However, after my first semester, I started questioning my choice. I enjoyed all my classes but did not know where I was going with them, I was not sure I would find a job that would interest me. I thought it was just a phase, and decided to keep going with my choice. At the end of my first year, I realised that I was really interested in Psychology, I didn’t know exactly what I liked about it, but I just thought “If I don’t do it now, I’ll regret it”. So I transferred into a Bachelor of psychological Sciences.
Melissa Chan
Like most university students, I entered university not knowing what I wanted to do in the future. Instead of worrying about my future, I took a different approach to my peers. I thought that I would just go with the flow – I would enter into a course that my ATAR score would allow me to and see whether or not I would like it. If I didn’t like it, I’d just change my career path. If I did like it, I would be as happy as Larry. And the results of this easy-going mentality?
Katina Rosker
Currently I am studying Marketing at Monash University, but originally my dream career involved media and film. I clearly remember needing to pick enough units for year 11 and after conversation with my father; I decided to take business management. To begin with I didn’t enjoy it. I couldn’t understand accounting and a lot of business jargon was bogging me down. Come term three, we learnt about the magical ‘4P’s and I began falling in love Marketing. Ever since, I knew that marketing was something I wanted to explore as a career.
Studying marketing at Monash University has helped to teach me the theoretical knowledge of fundamental marketing principles and also given me a strong business base in accounting, economics, business law and finance, while connecting with other students who have common interests and passions in business. At university, I have learned to become more responsible, independent and organised, which has helped me achieve great results in both my assignments and presentations. Ultimately, I believe my learning experience at Monash University will help me achieve my career’s goal and overcome potential challenges I will face in professional careers
"As a French student in a business and management school, I spent five months of my internship with the Marketing Eye team in Melbourne. This experience was perfectly placed in my course and was really positive for my professional plan. The warm and friendly reception, a great team, very different duties that I could performed, and with the Australian life particularly pleasant it allowed me to really enjoy this period. Thanks Marketing Eye!"
Malorie, EGC Vendee, France
I am a student at Swinburne University of Technology, studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing. This is my third and final semester and I am very excited to graduate. I had enrolled into university straight after high school because I have always wanted to continue learning and expanding my knowledge. I have always been interested in business but was still a little unsure of my career path and applied myself to major in accounting and finance as I had previously completed accounting in VCE.