Marketing Eye
I am a student at Inholland University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. I am studying for a bachelor’s degree of small business and retail management with a focus in marketing. As part of your bachelor’s degree in the Netherlands you are required to do an internship to become acquainted with the work field, in which you are interested, in order to work in your future career and to learn to apply the theory in practice.  

As a student from my bachelor’s degree that I am studying, it is not required to do your internship abroad, but it is recommended. I always wanted to go to Australia; I have always thought that it is a really nice country with lots of opportunities, so I decided to do my internship here.

I applied for an internship at Marketing Eye and was placed in Sydney. Doing an internship at Marketing Eye is a decision that I will never regret, as it has been such a valuable experience.  As an intern for Marketing Eye you can learn a lot. Marketing Eye is the outsourced marketing department for their clients, clients who are all active in other industries. Because of the many different backgrounds of the clients, the daily tasks at Marketing Eye vary as well. You learn to apply marketing in different industries. Daily tasks at Marketing Eye include helping to design marketing strategy, gaining experience in social media, public relations, graphic design and helping to design marketing campaigns for Marketing Eye or one of their clients. The different tasks at Marketing Eye give you a clear vision about what your future career could look like and give you experience that is applicable.

For me personally, doing an internship abroad allowed me to embrace the world. I have learned so much during my time in Australia. By immersing myself in another culture and language I was able to met many nice people and enjoy all the great things Australia has to offer. If you ever have an opportunity to do an internship abroad you definitely have to take that chance, as it will be an experience of a lifetime. Thanks Marketing Eye for giving me the opportunity to gain this experience!
– The best way to predict your future is to create it - Abraham Lincoln.

Jessica Rijnders, Nederland