Marketing Eye
Katina Rosker
Currently I am studying Marketing at Monash University, but originally my dream career involved media and film. I clearly remember needing to pick enough units for year 11 and after conversation with my father; I decided to take business management. To begin with I didn’t enjoy it. I couldn’t understand accounting and a lot of business jargon was bogging me down. Come term three, we learnt about the magical ‘4P’s and I began falling in love Marketing. Ever since, I knew that marketing was something I wanted to explore as a career.

As with most high school students, the idea of moving on to university really threw a spanner in the works. I was never the outgoing type and knowing that I had to follow an entire new set of procedures while making friends was really daunting.  My ATAR was slightly below what was ‘clearly in’ which made me extremely nervous and believe that I wouldn’t be as capable as my peers.
Within my first semester (slowly but surely), my confidence grew. Receiving positive feedback and results for assignments gave me a sense of empowerment, motivating me to work even harder; achieving a distinction average. My grades are continually improving and I was ridiculously thrilled last semester, receiving three high distinctions.

Having three months off at the end of the year to many university students is heaven sent. But personally three months is a long time and I like having work to stimulate my mind. I decided to apply for an internship through my university for a summer position, however I was unsuccessful. Instead of giving up, I began looking for a marketing internship on my own and then I found Marketing Eye.

Marketing Eye appealed to me as they offer a range of marketing services across various industries. This meant that I would be able to learn as much as possible; putting what I have learnt at university into real practice. Currently although I am only in my third week of my Internship, I have worked on social media, drafted marketing strategies and marketing audits as well as written blog posts for both clients and Marketing Eye.
This internship has helped me think more deeply about the world of marketing. I have since learnt how to integrate marketing into things that I would never have previously expected. Real life application with Marketing Eye has been invaluable and I am now further convinced that marketing is exactly what I want to do once I graduate, making me extremely excited about the future.

Katina Rosker