Marketing Eye
When finishing up with high school I was unsure on what I wanted to pursue career wise and spent a little while thinking about what I wanted to eventually do post-university. While working at a labouring job I was rather unhappy with the type of work that I was doing and decided to start studying and get a real education, something that will lead me to a fulfilling career, but the question was, what did I wanted to study? I looked at various Tafe courses and marketing really stood out to me, more so than others and at the time and I had little to no idea about what marketing entailed. After completing my course I graduated with two certificates and a diploma and was off to university to expand my studies, and during my time studying I was exposed a large variety of the different aspects involved in marketing and sales.      

I am now studying at Deakin University in media and communications, allowing me to study a variety exciting subjects including marketing.  I have spent quite a while studying and I rather enjoy working on various tasks that challenge my capabilities as both a writer and a student as I am forced to expand my mind and leverage my creativity and knowledge. I am now in my third year at Deakin University and often find myself comparing it to my experience at Tafe. The people are very different and the workload is somewhat smaller but more intense. I am only just now starting to get used to the expectations of the essay structure and how to manage my workload in an efficient manner.

Being at Tafe and university has helped me improve my writing style and capabilities; I now put more effort into my writing structure and am always seeking to improve my writing capabilities. I am eager to utilise my knowledge in marketing and sales and implement some of the fantastic things I have learnt when I commence my professional career. I feel that my educational experience will help improve my employability and ultimately help me find an exciting and rewarding job.

An internship is considered to be very helpful while studying. These days many organisations are looking for people with experience, so doing an internship is the considered the best way to expose yourself to meaningful, real life challenges. I feel that Marketing eye offers a large variety of marketing experience to interns and provides these experiences at a steady pace you can learn efficiently. I selected Marketing Eye because the internship page located on the website had information which was quite informative and easy to understand. Everything was very streamlined and applying for an internship was simple and didn’t require me to fill out a heap of details in order to apply. Marketing Eye helped me learn about market strategies, social media marketing, competitor analysis and writing website copy.

I feel that I can take what I learned from Marketing Eye into the workforce, whenever that time comes. I really enjoyed the tasks given to me at Marketing Eye and always gave it my best shot. It gave me greater insight as to what goes on inside an actual marketing firm and what activities various employees are responsible for. I look forward to gaining more experience in the future and further developing my marketing and writing skills .