Marketing Eye
Studying marketing at Monash University has helped to teach me the theoretical knowledge of fundamental marketing principles and also given me a strong business base in accounting, economics, business law and finance, while connecting with other students who have common interests and passions in business. At university, I have learned to become more responsible, independent and organised, which has helped me achieve great results in both my assignments and presentations. Ultimately, I believe my learning experience at Monash University will help me achieve my career’s goal and overcome potential challenges I will face in professional careers

Why an internship?

An internship is a planned learning experience, where an intern works in an organisation in order to gain first-hand experience of the workplace. Internships help interns lean new skills and apply classroom knowledge to the real world in order to develop their qualifications and build confidence in their abilities. Internships also offer networking opportunities for students to meet new people and connect with professionals and mentors, which will benefit students in the future. Additionally, interns will gain valuable experiences and accomplishments to enhance their resume and potentially increase the possibility for job offers because practical knowledge in an industry is what attracts employers.

Why Marketing Eye?

Marketing Eye is one of the Australia’s leading marketing consultancy firms that develop marketing campaigns and strategies that help organisation’s achieve business goals. An Internship at Marketing Eye provides interns with an opportunity to integrate marketing theory with business practice and gain more experience in market research, developing marketing strategies, public relations, direct marketing and other marketing activities. Marketing Eye offers flexible internship periods to students, which ranging from 6 weeks through 12 month. Furthermore, Marketing Eye works with organisations in various industry sectors such as professional services, technology, transport and logistics etc. This means that interns will be able to expand their marketing knowledge and apply it to different industry sectors.

How it will help me as a professional?

Internships provide several benefits to students as it helps enhance their academic knowledge, career, and personal development. Interns will develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills from professionals in the company they intern at. Moreover, they will be able to observe and learn how marketing firms operate, daily routines, as well as assist marketing manager’s in planning and executing social media programs and undertaking in-depth customer and competitor analysis.