Marketing Eye
I am a student at Swinburne University of Technology, studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in marketing. This is my third and final semester and I am very excited to graduate. I had enrolled into university straight after high school because I have always wanted to continue learning and expanding my knowledge. I have always been interested in business but was still a little unsure of my career path and applied myself to major in accounting and finance as I had previously completed accounting in VCE. During the first semester of my university life I found it very different to high school and had difficulty adapting. I also had doubts about accounting and finance as my degree and career path. After first semester had ended, my doubts grew stronger. After thinking hard and carefully about my future, I decided to major in marketing and to minor in accounting. The reason I had chosen marketing is that it had really interested me. It made me think about all the different types of marketing we see every day, sometimes without even realising it. As semesters passed, I had taken a real understanding into marketing and continuously drawn to learn more.

The reason I had applied for an internship was that after learning all the different aspects of marketing, I was ready to apply academic knowledge into industry skills, learn from real life examples and see how marketing departments operate. I had set goals before starting the internship which were to apply my knowledge to real world situations, expand my knowledge with learning opportunities and to help real life clients. Marketing Eye was the perfect company to choose. Marketing Eye does not simply just focus on one aspect but provides a large range of services in which I wanted to partake in, learn from and develop in. This also provides an opportunity to learn about other industries in which are clients of Marketing Eye.

During the course of this internship, I have benefitted from the valuable insight into everyday operations of a marketing company and met some great people along the way. As an intern at Marketing Eye for only 2 weeks I feel as though I have already benefitted greatly. I am still eager and intrigued as to what is to come in the remaining 4 weeks. This experience so far has been enriching and would highly recommend current students to seek an internship. This experience has been truly captivating as I am certain this is the career path I wish to follow. This will motivate me to finish off my final semester having already had industry experience once I have graduated I know exactly what I am looking for in the future.