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Currently studying a Bachelors of Law and Commerce at Macquarie University, I entered university with the goal of graduating as a business lawyer. So much has changed since finishing my first year of university. Unlike high school, universities provide you with an array of different subjects, and truly allow you to explore different things to find what you enjoy the most. With so many different options and subjects provided, it changes things. While I may have gone to university with the mind-set of graduating as a business lawyers, that’s certainly not how I feel now. Having taken an array of different law subjects, I am no longer sure of what type of law I would like to pursue as a career. However one this is for certain, since starting university, my commerce major was always going to be Marketing. Since High school, Marketing has always been something that has interested me and was something that intrigued me and was potentially something that I wanted to explore as a future career. While others commented that Marketing was a dry and boring subject, I was looking forward to the time that I would be able to start studying the subject. After completing a year of law subjects, I needed something new, something interesting to learn and that I had a passion for. So I set myself a goal, I need to keep myself busy once university ended.

Having a 4-month break after university may seem amazing at first, but you eventually get bored and need something to do, trust me I know from personal experience. After finishing the HSC, my 4-month break between completing year 12 and starting university was mainly consumed by TV show marathons including watching all 10 seasons of FRIENDS, all 9 seasons of One Tree Hill and all 4 seasons of the OC. This time I told myself that I needed to do something productive, interesting and something that stimulated my mind. So I decided to apply for an internship while I was still in my first year, hoping to be given one by the end of the year. I have always been a practical learner, while textbooks may provide you with the theoretical knowledge, applying this knowledge in a practical environment is what is really important. Merely knowing stuff is not enough, you need to be able to apply it in the real world. So an internship was perfect. An internship would allow me to be in a new and exciting environment, allow me gain valuable experience, obtain new skills and learn new things while gaining firsthand experience in the real world. Marketing was something that I have always been passionate about and this is when I found Marketing Eye. After some research on the company, I came to understand that Marketing Eye is actually one of Australia’s leading marketing consultancy firms, and is one which doesn’t necessarily specialise in just one service, however is a firm which is associated with all things marketing related, providing a large a range of services to all its clients. I was beyond excited to be starting this amazing opportunity.

During the course of my internship, the three months that I have been at Marketing Eye have truly been amazing. From day one, I was constantly learning new things, developing new skills, whilst gaining confidence in the ones I already had.  From gaining experience in social media, to writing blogs, copywriting, doing SEO, proof reading articles to assisting in research, I have learnt so much whilst being at Marketing Eye. The great team at Marketing Eye Sydney have allowed me to gain a valuable insight into the everyday operations of marketing company in a great professional, fast paced environment whilst always being there for me when I have needed help, explaining everything, every step of the way. This experience has allowed me be develop skills, gain an understanding of how the marketing world operates, witness the real life application of marketing principles and has provided me with an opportunity to learn about an industry that I am really passionate about. Deciding to do this internship was possibly the best decision I have made for myself and for my future career.  I look forward to using the things I have learned at Marketing Eye and gaining more experience in the future.

Hena, Sydney

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