Marketing Eye
Sydney, Australia,

Marketing Eye, Australia's first marketing consultancy firm to offer small to medium sized businesses a marketing manager for 12-months for as little as $500 per week, confirms that companies that copy, only flatter you.

As a leader in the field and the most innovative in concept to hit Australia in marketing, Marketing Eye has been inundated with small marketing startup firms copying the company website and concept - almost word for word in some cases.

"It's flattering that companies are following what we do and how we do it. We continually get inundated with companies that copy our website content, requesting information and newsletters, highlighting the amount of interest there is in Marketing Eye," said Mellissah Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Marketing Eye.

"It's incredible how much companies copy particularly given that they are in marketing and should be showing clients how to be innovative and stand out from the crowd, rather than just followers."

Marketing Eye is a national marketing consultancy firm that has 100% in-house capabilities in branding, public relations, graphic design, web development, digital marketing and film production.

"We do not outsource any of our work ensuring that there are no third-party markup's to our clients, which is very unique."

Marketing companies that are 'copy cats' often show the same lack of innovation with their clients marketing campaigns, so it is important for clients to be educated in how to ascertain whether their marketing company is innovative and do in fact, do what they say or whether they just outsource all areas of marketing.

Clients doing their homework will save themselves a lot of hard ache in the long run and the trick is to find companies that are going to make you stand out in a creative and strategic way.