Marketing Eye
National marketing consultancy firm, Marketing Eye, has today unleashed the first marketing consultancy finance package to assist start up and small businesses with affordable marketing services.

The finance package that allows start up and small businesses to make repayments on marketing services performed over a 12 month period over two years at a minimal repayment of $27.95 per day* will see all small businesses in Australia have the same advantage as their larger counterparts.

“Marketing has not been affordable to smaller businesses in the past and particularly early stage businesses who find it hard enough just to pay the rent,” said Mellissah Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Marketing Eye.

“For smaller businesses that want to grow, there are so many overheads and costs.

“Hiring people and necessary resources often ensures that marketing is put to the side.

“Small businesses are also big hirers of under-skilled people. People who are a friend of a friend often are being hired to perform marketing tasks such as building websites and promotions with little experience, as companies are not able to afford the alternative.”

Marketing Eye helps businesses through providing a marketing manager in their business for 12 months, developing marketing strategy and implementing marketing programs. With in-house marketing, public relations, branding, web development, film production and digital marketing, Marketing Eye’s finance package is all inclusive.

Through the use of proprietary technology, systems and regular training updates, Marketing Eye marketing managers are able to utilise their time efficiently and effectively for the small businesses that engage in their services.

There are no interest charges and no hidden costs for the customer with the same 12 month marketing program that has existed for the past 5 years on offer, with the added advantage of additional services like design and public relations included.

“The business landscape has evolved and businesses know that regardless of whether they are a start-up or a large corporate, they cannot afford to be without marketing,” confirmed Ms Smith.

“Being able to have a marketing manager in your business actively promoting your products and services from the time you start a new business is something that is well received in the market."

“The statistics around companies failing in the first 5 years of business has reinforced to many small businesses why marketing is so important.”

Start up and small business will see having a finance payment plan for services a relief from the hefty charges of agencies who are often demanding up front payments from businesses that have a short-term trading history.