Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye, a marketing consultancy firm that specialises in the small to medium sized market, today has announced the company’s focus to encourage clients to undertake ‘green’ marketing campaigns.

“To undertake a ‘green’ campaign, can be expensive, which is quite hard on the small to medium sized businesses who are trying to grow,” said Mellissah Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Eye.

“However, if they change their business processes and become a more environmentally friendly organisation, they will reap the benefits both financially and personally.”

Marketing Eye’s creative teams spearheaded the organisation to become green and to champion ‘green’ campaigns amongst its customer base.

“For a long time, our creative teams have been recycling paper, making it their mandate to turn off computers, and encouraging the company to print on recyclable stock,” confirmed Ms Smith.

Terms such as Phosphate Free, Recyclable, Refillable, Ozone Friendly and Environmentally Friendly are freely used at Marketing Eye and is becoming part of the company’s pitch to clients.

“Most company’s want to be socially responsible but do not realise how easy it is to make the change,” said Ms Smith.

“These same people are probably thinking more about ‘green’ elements in their homes, but are neglecting what they are doing in their offices.”

About Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye is a national based marketing consultancy firm with offices throughout Australia and agents in New York, Dubai, London and Los Angeles. With over 30 clients, Marketing Eye gives company’s highly trained marketing managers for a 12-month period, to run their marketing campaigns.

In addition, Marketing Eye has a web development unit that works on branded websites, ensuring that each company’s brand is aligned to all other marketing initiatives.