Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye, one of Australia’s leading international marketing consultancy firms has signed GP Graders, a world-leader in technology-driven fruit and seafood grading systems.

GP Graders chose Marketing Eye due to the company’s ability to both scale-up as required and service both Australian and the US markets, with localised offices in each location.

Marketing Eye has been employed to further develop the GP Graders brand, redesign the website and develop ongoing marketing campaigns for the company in Australia, US, Chile and European markets.

“GP Graders has the most advanced technology in the world for cherry grading, surpassing any competitor in terms of innovation and capability to grade cherry’s more accurately than any other machinery in the world,” said Mellissah Smith, Managing Director, Marketing Eye.

“To work with the world’s best technology in this field is an opportunity for Marketing Eye to help GP Graders communicate its new technology systems in industry-specific markets in both English and Spanish.”

For more information on Marketing Eye, please contact Christina Kortesis (Australia) on 03 9692 7600 or Maikayla Desjardins (US) on 404 626 8070.