Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye, a leading marketing consultancy that specializes in the small to medium sized business market, has today commenced its launch into the European market of its Franchise model.

Marketing Eye’s success in Australia has led to the company developing a franchise model for similar markets.

“The similar business environments of Europe and the United Kingdom, lend itself to the Marketing Eye model,” said Mellissah Smith, CEO, Marketing Eye.

“We see Europe and the United Kingdom as having similarly trained Marketing Consultants who are capable of implementing the Marketing Eye model into these regions.”

Marketing Eye is backed by custom-made marketing software solutions, intellectual property and systems that are unsurpassed in the industry.

“We provide marketing consultants to businesses that cannot afford a full time marketing manager, but need to have those skills to get to the next level.”

Marketing Eye helps businesses grow through marketing and has delivered small to medium sized businesses with the tools, know-how, and strategies to achieve this goal.

“Our inhouse model of creatives, designers, branding experts and public relations consultants, ensures that each marketing consultant is backed by an experienced and award winning team.”