Marketing Eye
A leading marketing firm with offices in three states and agents in New York, London and Dubai, is set to focus on the manufacturing sector with the appoint of Ves Bogdanovich, a well-known manufacturing marketing expert who doubles as a teacher for the Masters in Marketing Course at Monash University.

The manufacturing industry is mature in many ways, but has been one of the late adopters of marketing concepts.

"Whilst many manufacturers use customer contact and advertising as their primary marketing tool, the industry is changing and becoming more competitive than ever before, so this traditional methodology is not creating the same impact as it did 5 or 10 years ago," states Ves Bogdanovich.

"Areas like developing a marketing strategy with key deliverables is often not seen as critical to manufacturing companies in this sector whereas in banking and finance, it's a must.

"Having worked with the manufacturing sector for some time, the challenge is to get companies thinking outside the box and using mediums like public relations, internal marketing and the Internet for lead generation and brand building.

"It is by far one of the biggest challenges we face as marketers working with the manufacturing industry."

Mr Bogdanovich appointment at Marketing Eye is part of the company's strategy to work with businesses that are looking to grow into new markets. A leading marketing consultancy, Marketing Eye offers businesses a senior marketing manager for $24,000 per year or specialist project based marketing campaign consultancy

"The manufacturing sector provides an ideal platform in which specialist marketing professionals are best able to leverage their expertise and deliver longer-lasting results, states Mr Bogdanovich.

"As Australia's largest industry sector worth more 270 billion, it's important that key players start ensuring that they are cementing their sales and marketing strategies. China is devouring our industry through providing new efficiencies and their cost-comparisons are hard to beat."

Marketing Eye provides its clients with market outcomes, implementable marketing recommendations, strategy and tactics, and customised market action plans - all with key performance indicators aligned to results. In addition, Marketing Eye assists manufacturing and industrial service provider clients focus on markets and niches they can successfully serve and then plan activities to effectively penetrate new markets, improve sales to existing markets, or achieve other desired results.

"Its important that marketing budgets are spent wisely and that new marketing methods are taken into account when allocation of budget is considered," confirmed Mr Bogdanovich.

"With deference to the size of an organization, manufacturing companies marketing strategies are not always driven by marketing experts - more often than not, its by senior management who may not be abreast of all areas of the marketing mix."