Marketing Eye
Former Head of Marketing and Communications for Europe at Deutsche Bank AG, Global Banking Division, Lisa Neumann, has been appointed as the Head of Marketing for Queensland at national consultancy firm, Marketing Eye.

Having recently returned from working at Deutsche Bank in the UK, Lisa Neumann’s appointment further bolsters Marketing Eye’s stable of high-level Marketing experts to work with its client base of small to medium sized businesses.

“Lisa has global marketing capabilities and has worked extensively in both small enterprises and large corporates in Australia and overseas”, said Marketing Eye CEO Mellissah Smith.

“We are pleased to have a marketing expert of Lisa’s calibre in Queensland to work with companies that normally would not have access to a person with her skill-base”.

“It’s important for companies particularly in the current economic climate to be more strategic in how they market their brands and where they spend their valuable marketing dollars”.

Ms Neumann believes that Queensland businesses are ripe for having an internal ‘marketing eye’.

“Marketing Eye gives companies that may not normally invest in this area the opportunity to have a senior marketing manager in their business”, confirmed Ms Neumann.

“There is value to be added to companies that are looking to be more strategic and it is well-known that the SME market is often overlooked by high level marketing managers that are seeking a corporate career”.