Marketing Eye
Leading maritime consultancy company Thompson Clarke, have hired dynamic marketing company Marketing Eye, to assist in the growth of their domestic and international maritime business services.

The development of a new branded website will spearhead a customer relationship management campaign with a lead generation focus allowing Thompson Clarke to further enhance their unique value proposition within the maritime industry.

“We are very excited to be working with Thompson Clarke in the growth of their maritime business into both domestic and foreign markets”, confirms Mellissah Smith, CEO of Marketing Eye.

“As Australia’s leading marketing consultants, Marketing Eye is always looking to expand into new markets in order to further grow our business and develop fresh and unique ideas to incorporate into our marketing services. By working with Thompson Clarke, we are able to gain new insights into how having a marketing eye in a business, can make a real difference.

Thompson Clarke is an independent maritime consultancy company who specialise in providing consulting, shipping ports, maritime safety and security, marine environment and executive search services.