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Established in 1999, 2008 has seen a dominant player in the transport and logistics industry take a massive step forward. Infoactiv has seen turnover increase by 40 percent from the precious year, without the need to actively seek new customers.

Furthermore, the company has turned its focus towards an exciting new niche service offering, eWaste (electronic waste accumulated by corporations). This has resulted in the collection of more than 35 tones of eWaste from various top 500 companies through a variety of tailored services including community events and internal recycling initiatives. Infoactiv’s eWaste clients have enhanced their environmental credibility and reduced their environmental footprint, with a further 650 tones of eWaste being diverted from landfill.

2008 has seen the Melbourne-based company expand into both New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. With an approach that is sophisticated, results-orientated and personalizes, Infoactiv has revolutionized the transport and logistics industry, leading the way in providing partnership-based solutions. Managing director Helen Jarman won the 2003 Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award on the back of the business’ performance in a highly competitive market. Infoactiv is proud to also be the only transport and logistics company in the country owned and run by a woman.