Marketing Eye
Melbourne, Victoria

Marketing Managers skills are becoming too specialised for small to medium sized businesses according to leading marketing expert Mellissah Smith from national marketing consultancy, Marketing Eye.

“There is a large disconnect between marketing managers in larger organisations who have specialised in areas of marketing rather than the entire marketing mix, and those who have more hands of skill-bases that are able to perform traditional marketing roles,” said Ms Smith.

“Attracting Marketing Managers to work with small to medium sized enterprise is quite difficult, largely because the people who attract the higher incomes of $100 and above, do not have hands on skills.”

Marketing Eye is a national marketing agency that assists small to medium sized businesses in growing through the addition of a marketing manager in their businesses.

The Marketing Manager works with the company as an inhouse marketing resource running strategy and implementation, as a normal marketing manager would.

With offices throughout the east coast of Australia, and agents in the U.K., U.S., and the Middle East, Marketing Eye assists companies with marketing plans, public relations, advertising, lead generation campaigns, website optimisation and general communications.

“Small to medium sized businesses need qualified resources in marketing, and high level strategy with no implementation skills, is of little benefit to getting the job done there and then,” confirmed Ms Smith.

“They quite simply cannot afford to hire a Marketing Manager and then go out and hire agencies for everything from advertising to public relations.”

Marketing Eye trains its staff to be able to use a cross-section of marketing skills with specific industry based experience, giving the small to medium sized businesses, the skill base they require to make a difference to their businesses.

“I have been quite concerned that Marketing Managers have been too removed from day-to-day marketing skills and are now too used to hiring agencies and co-ordinating their efforts,” said Ms Smith.

“There is an enormous need in the small to medium sized business market for qualified people in this field, and those who choose to learn the various marketing areas in depth, will benefit greatly.

“They will be able to get a job anywhere and be rewarded greatly with seeing businesses actually benefit from their expertise. It also ensures that the brand is not being diluted from one agency to another, which can happen at times if there are too many fingers in a particular pie.

“We are actively seeking people who are passionate about marketing, and want to see companies grow from their efforts.”