Marketing Eye
By Victoria Brooks

OZANAM Industries, a special work of the St Vincent de Paul Society that provides meaningful employment for people with a disability, is educating the community about its valuable work through a new multimedia marketing campaign.

The campaign, It’s about fulfilment, yours and ours, introduces potential customers to Ozanam’s high quality service solutions, which include mail fulfilment, general packaging and distribution.

Ozanam Industries employs more than 100 people with varying disabilities at its work centres in Stanmore, West Ryde and Coonamble.

“We believe that the more that we can educate the decision makers in the market that people with disabilities have the skills and training necessary to perform all types of work, the more companies will see the benefit in supporting a community-based organisation like Ozanam Industries,” says Rod Silber, business manager for Ozanam Industries.

“This campaign reaches out to the readers and says loudly and clearly ‘this is who we are, this is what we do’ and that we’re ready to work with your business.”

A market agency, Marketing Eye, has developed the educational campaign over a three month period.

Mellissah Smith of Marketing Eye said that working with Ozanam Industries has been a highlight for the agency.

“We not only saw the beauty in the people who work there, but we were also be able to bring them to life in a remarkable campaign that captures their presence and who they are,” she said.

The campaign includes a series of advertisements and brochures which feature the faces of Ozanam Industries employees.

Its aim is to not only attract new customers to Ozanam Industries, but to highlight how the organization’s cost-effective services provide valuable employment for people who would ordinarily have to rely on a disability pension.

Ozanam Industries is a company that is community-focused as well as being a customer-centric organisation-a company that we should all support,” says Ms Smith.