Marketing Eye

The Federal Government has announced its decision to back a groundbreaking product stewardship framework through which computers and televisions will be regulated.

The industry-led framework will create a significant turn in events from the 2007-8 recycling figures which accounted for only 10% of a staggering 16.8 million televisions, computers and computer products being recycled and a further 84% of which were sent to landfill.

Industry participation is widely regarded as being key to ensuring that government, consumers and corporations work together in synergy to make the fundamental changes to the eWaste process that will ultimately ensure that the country’s landfill issues are being addressed.

Former Telstra Businesswoman of the Year and GreenScaping expert, Helen Jarman, is adamant that this is the first of many steps the government and industry need to take to achieve a zero-landfill goal.

“The introduction of new strategies and infrastructure is critical due to the consumer demand for new electronic devices and equipment which has created this eWaste issue,” said Ms Jarman.

“Central to the issue is the promotion of the eWaste Policy and the actions that industry, government and consumers take to ensure that education is paramount and drives action.

“No-one can turn a blind-eye to addressing the issue of eWaste.

“We have no other option, it is our responsibility to take action on a national level rather than the fragmented events that have been occurring from those corporations that are taking the impact on the environment very seriously.

“I applaud the fact that the government has finally made some decisions that will be the cornerstone to change and eWaste management in Australia.”

Australia has lagged behind other developed nations in the world in making decisions on eWaste and developing a sustainable strategy.

“Companies that have not implemented an eWaste strategy will now need to take action to be fully engaged to fit into the National Waste Policy framework and this includes importers of ‘white box’ product, orphan products and other producers.”

The framework takes into account the recycling of computer and TV equipment in Australia and the environment impact of eWaste.