Marketing Eye

There are so many exciting developments at Marketing Eye, that we are continually recruiting top-notch marketers, designers, web and public relations experts.

Working at Marketing Eye is exciting, adventurous and as much as you want it to be. We don't just do marketing; we are a publisher, a technology company, an outsourced marketing department, master license for the Marketing Eye brand and social media experts.

Right now, we need talented, self-starting individuals who are ready to take the business to the next level. That means rolling up your sleeves, but not necessarily working too much overtime. Our way of doing business is simple, yet effective and we are always working on ways we can improve what we do.

We offer a hybrid working model for the right candidate and flexible working environments to ensure that you live, work and play in a way that is conducive to happiness and success.

Marketing Manager (Sydney)

This is a role of a marketing leader, capable of working on client accounts and motivating the team around them. Your desk overlooks Sydney harbour (bonus), and your young, dynamic team is always ready to make things happen. To take on this role, you will need to be exceptional at marketing, and a natural leader who can nurture your team to success.

Salary expectations: $120k plus bonuses

Marketing Executive (Sydney)

This is a tactical position that requires you to write marketing strategies and implement them with a team of graphic designs, web developers, publicists and social media experts. Immediate start. Great position. You will do more in 3 months working at Marketing Eye than you would do at any other firm in a year. We really do do every area of marketing and it allows you to expand your knowledge and improve your capabilities.

Salary expectations: $65k plus bonuses

Marketing Executive (Melbourne)

A tactical position with clients largely in manufacturing, technology, logistics and hospitality. You will be required to write marketing strategies, understand salesforce and hit the road running. A person who has the right attitude and is kind - always - will fit into this team. Make sure you know how to laugh and have fun too!

Salary expectations: $65k plus bonuses

Other jobs that are on our books include:

Applying for a position with Marketing Eye requires you to connect with us on social media. If you are not actively on social media, we are unable to progress to the next level as we believe wholeheartedly that you need to practice what you preach and social media marketing is everything in today's marketing landscape.

Send CV's with 'how you would fit in as a Marketing Eye' in our organisation. Remember kindness, consideration and capability is essential.