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An internship @ Marketing Eye is an investment in a young marketers future.

At Marketing Eye, we host many interns in Melbourne or Sydney, throughout the year. As we work all year round, we are able to have interns for periods ranging from 6 weeks through to 12 month internships for Marketing, Graphic Design or IT/Web Development. We work with more than 100 businesses in Australia and offer an opportunity for Interns to experience marketing, design or IT at all levels and across all mediums during their internship.

To be considered for an internship at Marketing Eye, interns are required to 'like' Marketing Eye on facebook and if you have a twitter account, follow Marketing Eye on twitter. In addition, you are required to make comment on one of Marketing Eye's blogs and then send a link to your comment with your application. This way, we know you are really interested in doing an internship with our company.

An intern may gain experience in the following tasks:
  • Marketing Assistance for Marketing Managers
  • Database management and entry
  • Web 2.0; Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Flickr, YouTube etc
  • Development of marketing strategies
  • Market Research
  • Public relations
  • Direct Marketing
  • Copywriting for websites
  • Implementation of marketing campaigns
  • Graphic Design – print and online mediums
  • IT/Web Development such as SEO, web development, email marketing and HTML coding

"As a French student in a business and management school, I spent five months of my internship with the Marketing Eye team in Melbourne. This experience was perfectly placed in my course and was really positive for my professional plan. The warm and friendly reception, a great team, very different duties that I could performed, and with the Australian life particularly pleasant it allowed me to really enjoy this period. Thanks Marketing Eye!"
Malorie, EGC Vendee, France

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If you are interested for an internship in Marketing Eye please contact us on 1300 300 080 or send application form bellow.

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