Marketing Eye
Leading online health appointment booking system, BookAOnline today announced the change of their trading name to Clinic Connect. Ms Nicole Ryan, State Manager for Marketing Eye in Queensland said "We needed to develop a brand that identifies with a specialised and professional industry, a brand that showcases the innovative technology that BookAOnline represents."

"After the initial workshop between BookAOnline and Marketing Eye Brisbane, we explored many avenues of the business to identify what the brand essence was and what exactly we were aiming to achieve. When we laid it all out on the table, the new name of Clinic Connect was unanimously agreed on."

"Clinic Connect speaks directly to the target audience to communicate that we are in effect connecting the 3 main target groups of patients, practice managers and practice management software companies" continued Ms Ryan.

"Now the name is firmly on the board we are eager to build a dynamic brand around the name, from the company logo through to business cards, website, presentations and key messages, Clinic Connect is destined to set the new standard in the booking of online health appointments as well as improve the overall satisfaction of patients time spent in medical practices."

" The team at Marketing Eye Brisbane have been working toward having the brand built in time for the launch at an upcoming trade show in just 10 days time" said Ms Ryan.