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Mobile advertising is a fast growing industry. Gone are the days when mobile phones were simply used for making phone calls and sending text messages. Mobile phones are now similar to mini-computers and today’s savvy businesses are benefiting from embracing the communications tools available.

Marketing Eye has always been at the forefront of companies that adopt effective marketing innovations, which is why it recently signed a reseller agreement with SpidaNet, the first and only proximity marketing platform in Australia.

Australian owned SpidaNet has quickly established itself as the leading platform for directly connecting customers to brands, all in real time. The company provides an engaging interactive proximity marketing service which, combined with Marketing Eye’s creative expertise, is designed to deliver innovative and highly targeted advertising campaigns.   

Proximity marketing is the localised wireless distribution of advertising content that is communicated through Bluetooth and Wireless (Wi-Fi) technology.  It provides the flexibility to change the advertisement content at a moment’s notice, which is more difficult and often impossible with other mediums.  Also, this service is considerably more cost effective than advertising on television, radio and print media.

The technology can be used in multiple environments to target different demographic groups. A more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to printed flyers and traditional advertising, proximity marketing allows you to connect directly with target consumers and communicate directly with them via their phone.  

SpidaNet provides exceptional promotional and communication opportunities, as it enables advertisers the ability to send an unlimited number of marketing messages at a very low cost.  The service is ideal for use by small businesses, retail firms, consumer products, charities and universities to name but a few.  Creating awareness for your business is paramount and SpidaNet provides you with a high-value, direct and effective method of doing so.   

The team at Marketing Eye are proud to collaborate with SpidaNet as we believe this advertising media is here to stay, providing clients with true value for money.

About SpidaNet
SpidaNet is Australia's leading proximity marketing company. The company’s technology broadcast advertiser’s messages to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled devices within 100 meters of each strategically placed broadcast device, known as “Spiders”.

About Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye was established in 2004 and has built systems and technologies to improve the way marketing services are delivered to small to medium sized businesses. With offices throughout Australia, Marketing Eye has agents in key international destinations including Dubai, London, New York and Los Angeles. Marketing Eye provides education programs to small businesses on self-development of marketing strategies through a series of DVDs, Marketing Eye Television and e-Books.