Marketing Eye
Leading national marketing firm, Marketing Eye has revealed that customers are now wanting everything faster than ever before because time is critical.

New websites for companies looking to promote their brands online are time-critical so to counteract this demand, Marketing Eye has bolstered its resources in the web development and creative sides to ensure that customer can now get their websites in a 3 day turnaround*.

“Time is of the essence and people cannot afford to be slack when it comes to marketing their businesses,” confirmed Chief Executive Officer, Marketing Eye, Mellissah Smith.

“Every day counts in business, now more so than ever. Companies are going bust every day at an alarming rate and online is one of the best ways in which to market a business.”

Marketing Eye has an award winning web development team that specializes in branded websites with lead generation capabilities.

“It’s all about providing customers and leads with the right information to help them make an informed marketing decision.

“The web is the most cost-effective marketing medium.

“This time of year is refreshing, in that it affords us time to reflect, analyse and develop strategies for our companies for the coming year. For example, now is a great opportunity to identify how you will best communicate your brand proposition online and to develop corresponding marketing plans to capture market opportunities and to maximise revenue accordingly.”

Marketing Eye provides companies with branded websites designed by creatives and marketers and developed by web development specialists. All websites have a ‘marketing eye’ over it and reflect a brands culture, essence and positioning.

Websites are tailor-made and are not stock-standard in format ensuring that it is targeted to customers and potential customers rather than a one-size-fits all scenario like most express style web development tools.