Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye, a leading international marketing consultancy firm, has today announced the launch of a new division providing small to medium sized companies with an in-house graphic designer.

Whilst businesses traditionally hire design and advertising agencies to do branding, advertising, brochures and proposals, Marketing Eye has established a division that gives companies the opportunity to work more closely with their graphic designers.

“The communication between agencies and designers is sometimes fragmented, and it is much easier and more cost-effective to have a designer, part-time, in-house,” confirmed Mellissah Smith, Managing Director, Marketing Eye.

“To have a designer in-house allows companies to utilise pictures and design as part of their way of communicating their brand's value and Marketing Eye is now ensuring that all companies have the benefit of this.

“Rather than have a secretary type of an invitation or a proposal, it becomes a graphic designers role to champion the brand and its application to multiple marketing platforms.

“We expect companies to be receptive to the idea of having a graphic designer in the same way that they would have a Marketing Eye.”

The concept gives companies a graphic designer for 3 days per month for $625 per week.

Graphic Designers focus on the application of the brand across all marketing mediums, ensuring the brands integrity and consistency.

They are all tried in branding and have worked closely with Marketing Managers to ensure that their skill-base is not restricted in any way.

“This format gives them better flexibility and a more affordable design and branding solution.”

About Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye is a marketing consultancy firm that provides small to medium sized businesses with a Marketing Manager for 12 months for a designated period of time each month.

Established in 2004, Marketing Eye has grown exponentially with offices in Australia and the US. The company has licenced its brand to other marketers expanding market share and giving marketing managers are career after corporate.

Founded by Mellissah Smith, Marketing Eye is a leader in its field and provides a backend infrastructure to all marketing activities with in-house branding, public relations, design, social media and web development.