Marketing Eye
Aged Care facilities are behind the eight-ball when it comes to marketing, according to leading aged care marketer, Julie Schoneveld.

After conducting an extensive research campaign on the brands in aged care, Ms Schoneveld was disheartened that good aged care facilities, did not adequately communicate the value and benefits of placing parents in good hands through their branding.

“When someone is looking to place their parents in an aged care facility, it is an emotional experience,” confirmed Ms Schoneveld, Marketing Director at aged care marketing firm, Marketing Eye.

“It's critical that Aged Care facilities communicate that they can not only look after ones parents, but also have the facilities and the compassion to ensure quality of life.

“I have been concerned by the number of companies in the Aged Care market that fail to do the basics.

“If I was looking for a facility, I would first find out what is in the right location, then secondly research facilities online.

“The websites for many Aged Care companies don’t get across the key messages needed to make an informed decision, and this forum really needs to be taken more seriously as a wealthier nation makes decisions on the future of their loved ones.”

Marketing Eye’s experience in working with Aged Care facilities is extensive with the recent launches of marketing campaigns for Baptist Community Services, Shalom Centre, and Uniting Care Ageing’s Quong Tart at Gallop House.

“50% of Aged Care facilities don’t even have a website,” Ms Schoneveld confirmed.

“I applaud the focus on marketing groups like Baptist Community Services and Uniting Care has to ensuring that they clearly communicate that loved ones will be in the best facilities and retain quality of life through their facilities.”