Marketing Eye
Leading marketing services firm, Marketing Eye, has unleashed a new division within the organisation that focuses solely on Digital Marketing. Marketing Eye Digital is an online marketing consultancy firm that takes offline businesses online.

Bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to clients’ marketing strategies, the digital division will focus on giving clients an improved online marketing strategy that is interactive and more in line with what customers are looking for in today’s highly competitive market.

Not only will the company be developing websites and providing search engine optimisation capabilities, but Marketing Eye will also be focusing on Web 3.0 and how it impacts businesses today.

“Web 3.0 has produced a new architecture of participation, like we have never seen before, and companies needs to be aware of the importance of this in their marketing activities and spend,” confirmed Marketing Eye CEO Mellissah Smith.

"Marketing Eye Digital helps companies streamline their online presence, taking into account technologies in the areas of social media, marketing automation, sales automation, website analytics, and customer mapping."

Marketing Eye Digital draws from traditional marketing experience integrated into online customer acquisition, experience and nurturing, providing a complete brand experience for our clients and their ability to interact with customers, prospects and key stakeholders.