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In The News

Australia’s leading small business marketing firm, Marketing Eye, will end its offer of a website for $2,490 at the end of May.

After giving small businesses websites that are designed by a creative director and have content management systems, for the past few months, the company will end this deal with websites going back to $9,990 plus GST from June.

“This deal has been very popular with small businesses throughout Australia as it gives them a website that communicates their brands to a wider audience for an affordable investment,” confirmed Marketing Eye CEO, Julie Schoneveld.

“The website is feature rich and comes with search engine optimisation, giving small businesses the online presence they need to be successful.”

Small businesses have benefited from this deal that gives them a website that markets their products and services to their target audience.

Marketing Eye has kept the websites affordable to help small businesses who may have websites that were done 10 years ago, still online with no updates, get a new website.


About Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye is Australia’s leading small business marketing firm, providing quality marketing consulting services at affordable prices.