In The News

In The News

Marketing Eye, Australia’s largest and most successful small business marketing consultancy firm, has released a series of workshops for small businesses in regional Australia online.

The workshops are designed to help small businesses, no matter where they are located, to develop their marketing strategies, with the help of a Marketing Eye through a series of webinars.

“Small businesses in regional Australia do not have access to the same level of marketing expertise as their city counterparts and have to rely too heavily on books as a resource,” said CEO of Marketing Eye, Julie Schoneveld.

“This has to change and Marketing Eye is steering the way in helping these small businesses using technology as the platform to deliver services.”

With almost 2 million small businesses in Australia alone, many of whom don’t have any marketing resources, this is a big step forward to business.

“We now can have access to a marketing manager to help us not only develop a marketing strategy, but also to implement it, working with us every step of the way,” says General Manager of Steel Supplies Charters Towers.

The first workshop focuses solely on developing a marketing strategy, with participants finishing the workshop with their very own strategy to implement in their small businesses.

Ongoing support is provided to small businesses to ensure that they are on track to achieving their marketing goals. This is paramount for small business owners who often get caught up in day-to-day activities.