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I’m an introvert. I know for many that see me on a stage or greeting a new employee, it must be a shock and hard to fathom, but it’s a fact and here’s why.

Not only did I prefer to be by myself as a child and never leave my mother’s side, but I also found myself having anxiety moving into spaces where there were a lot of people. As a child I spent the six or seven weeks over the Christmas holidays daydreaming on our country property, sitting under a tree and reading books.

As an adult, I find that I am more comfortable in my own company, with my pooch, considering my inner thoughts and ideas rather than hanging out with friends or going to a party.

Typical traits of an introvert include:

  • Deep thinkers and reflective
  • Self-aware and retreat to their own mind to rest
  • They take time to make decisions
  • They feel comfortable alone and don’t like group work
  • Writing is more fulfilling than talking
  • They get exhausted by being in a crowd or catching up with a friend

It would be fair to say that an introvert doesn’t necessarily lend themselves to being great at sales. We all feel that salespeople are “people/people”. They thrive by being in someone else’s company.

Where introverts make great salespeople is often due to their perceived listening skills. Rather than talking, they prefer to listen. If it is their job to do sales, they will ask questions to fill in the gaps and ensure the continuance of the conversation. They rarely interrupt and feel most at home with hearing someone else’s view, analysing it, and only making commentary when the conversation requires it.

By listening, introverts can build a repour with the prospect who feels “heard” by the introverted salesperson.

It’s well known that your ability to sell depends on how effective you are at connecting with others. Introverts get their energy by being alone and can safely recharge their own batteries to ensure that when they are client facing, the client or prospect has their undivided attention. This builds trust and combined with great listening skills helps close sales.

On top of their listening skills, introverts by default often have great composure which is a characteristic from being reserved or shy. They put higher priority on building relationships rather than moving from one person to another and feel safe in a one-to-one conversation that has depth. Where introverts truly exceed expectations in the field of sales is for larger deals that require nurturing and building relationships.

In a marketing agency, why introverts prove to be the best marketing consultants is largely their ability to stay focused, not get distracted, follow-through and listen. They don’t ever over promise and under deliver, and instead under promise and over deliver. Every clients dream!

They also tend to put more thought into the client and the perimeters around doing business. Their well-thought-through approach is unparalleled and creates reassurance with the client that whatever they need to achieve will be done.

When an introverted marketing strategy consultant conducts a workshop, they are always well prepared and while they may not appear to have the same enthusiasm as their extraverted counterparts, they most certainly make up for it in the consultative conversation that is two-way, rather than one.