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Melbourne, Australia

Dynamic Hearing, an Australian based technology and software company that develops ultra-low power algorithms for hearing aids and headsets, has today released a software design and development package for hearing aid manufacturers called the “Hearing Aid Designer”.

“The Hearing Aid Designer will deliver high performance signal processing to hearing aid manufacturers, that allows them to reduce time and ultimately costs in new product development,” said Elaine Saunders, CEO, Dynamic Hearing.

“This advancement in technology is a significant leap forward for the hearing aid industry.

“It allows for rapid production of products, making it easier for manufacturers to develop products in a shorter time frame and deliver to the market.

“With the Hearing Aid Designer, manufacturers are able to select from a range of algorithms and develop hearing aids quite quickly.”

The Hearing Aid Designer is a complete software kit for the design and implementation of state-of-the-art digital hearing aids on open platform DSP chips.   It will help manufacturers create a new hearing aid range that can extend market penetration using scientifically and clinically proven technology.

The Designer can be used on multiple DSP platforms, supplied with a modular communication library for use on a PC to facilitate the design and reduce development time for fitting software.  Product risk and development time are reduced because the Hearing Aid Designer already incorporates all of the essential functionality required when developing new hearing aid products.   Hearing aid products can be differentiated but have the same basic framework – seamless integration supporting multiple developments. This will allow manufacturers to develop multiple product lines with reduced time to market and development costs.

The suite includes an ultra - low processing delay version of the ADRO® amplifier, a successful Dynamic Hearing product that preserves the linearity of sound processing for natural quality. The low delay ADRO and other algorithms provide the basis for a hearing aid with extremely fact processing and high definition natural sound processing.

Hearing aid manufacturers can also use the Hearing Aid Designer as a development framework for their own differentiating algorithms, or in combination with Dynamic Hearing’s suite of technologies

About Dynamic Hearing

Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, provides advanced digital signal processing solutions for personal communication devices as embedded software.  All technology developed by Dynamic Hearing is designed to enhance the experience of sound for listeners in any environment, providing them with greater mobility and improved lifestyle.

The company licenses its technology to international manufacturers of hearing aids, headsets and other personal communication devices, and has a high performance team of audiologists, scientists, software programmers and DSP engineers, led by a business and management team, focused on rapid product development, scientific validation and sound commercial partnership.