Our On-boarding Process for Employees

Our On-boarding Process for Employees

Marketing Eye On-boarding Process for Employees



When on-boarding with Marketing Eye, you will find our way of sharing with you the journey that you are about to take inspiring. We believe that every person should follow their dreams, and it is our job as part of your journey to help you achieve them.

There is a contagious team feeling within our organisation that isn’t quite the ‘adrenalin’ of an advertising agency, but more a sense of family and belonging.

From an awkward hug from our Art Director on your arrival, to a genuine excitement from a team of people who welcome the ‘new’ into the high performing team they have built.

It’s important that your experience is a phenomenal one. We are interested in your expectations and what you want to get out of life, so that we can all work together and ensure they become our priorities too.

We have the typical on-boarding manual. It is a worthwhile read, but it’s the embrace from the team that will make you feel at ease quite fast – and that is what will ensure that you go home with a big smile on your face at the end of the day.

Global introductions

Marketing Eye is an international company, complete with offices all over the place. While day one would be overwhelming meeting everyone, we do like to schedule in meeting times with key players once you find your feet.

As Marketing Eye is a skill-sharing, job-sharing environment, we know that it is important that you have the private conversations with others and ‘talk it out’. Know who is good at what, and their capacity to help you in any way possible.

When you start to find your feet, you will enjoy an early morning call with Atlanta, or the daily interactions with Brisbane and Sydney or Melbourne. Bouncing ideas, sharing resources, talking about the benefits of new marketing technologies or case studies will all be part of what brings you together as a team – and we encourage that.

First things first; connect on social media with the team (and the company), and start supporting them from the get-go. It’s this social interaction that makes your workplace more connected and you engaged in our brand and people.

Client education

We have a way in which we work with clients that works. It is seamless and requires each of our people to stick to a process. While at first you may find this tedious (as is anything that is done in routine), eventually you will see it as a blessing in disguise.

We love our clients. They choose us and we choose them. Our job is to make them more successful through marketing, and to support them in any way possible.

Keeping clients happy is one thing. Making them more successful is another. Your job is to do both, but it won’t be a job to you, as your love for marketing, design and digital will ensure that these things that are givens are just ‘in a normal days work’.

Starting at Marketing Eye is a little different. We believe wholeheartedly in work, life balance, and that is something that we ensure is part of how we share workload. Overtime is rare, however when you start off with Marketing Eye, you may have to use some of your own time to learn new things about social media, marketing and your clients businesses and industries. However, having said that, we do allow for this time to be done during work hours as well. It depends on how fast you would like to get up to speed, so that you can be in a position to be client facing.

When you start, we will work with you in educating you on 5 companies, across 5 different industry sectors. That will be a lot to absorb. It will also help you navigate our processes and time management. We have a bunch of technologies that we use for management of clients, marketing, data science and analytics. All of these things take time.

As a Marketing Executive, you will find 5 clients to be a fast learning curve. Once you have nailed this, it’s time to develop you to the next level. That means taking on 8 to 10 clients, learning more about business, entrepreneurship, clients, psychology, marketing and meeting deadlines. In particular, you will learn how to prioritise.

With 10 clients, this is still not a full-time job. What it allows you do to do is have room to move, learn new things, try out new ways of marketing and collaborate with your team.

Everything you do at Marketing Eye is a team effort. You will work daily with designers, branding experts, public relations and web.


Consulting and client management training

This is our secret sauce. It is what makes Marketing Eye special. Being a consultant means that you have nailed your craft of marketing, and are able to work client facing. It also means that you will need to understand many things about your clients.

For example:
  • Start-ups are usually run by entrepreneurs. Read up on entrepreneurs and what makes them tick, how to meet their expectations and the rollercoaster that they are on on a daily basis. By understanding your client, you will have a better client/consultant relationship. A great book to read is The Rockfeller Habits and Scaling Up by Verne Harnish.
  • Entrepreneurs go through different stages of business. The adrenalin of starting a business, to finding their feet, to growing and experiencing growing pains which usually incorporates watching cash flow. Sometimes they need to seek outside investment and other times their businesses fund their growth. What is important for entrepreneurs is that you think outside the box, look at low-cost, highly effective marketing techniques, and also deliver on-time and on-budget. They often have many moving parts, so it is important as the marketing consultant for this business to be consistent, thorough, reliable and give sound marketing advice. You also need to understand psychology and cold reading. We are happy to give you some books to read on both topics which will help you navigate your relationship with your entrepreneurial client.
  • Business clients that don’t own the business, but run it, are different to entrepreneurs. Their job is based on performance and they are often accountable to a board. That means that they always have to have a marketing strategy in place, and deliver according to the marketing strategy hitting all KPI’s that are set out in the plan. They also require you to work closely with their sales teams and reporting needs to be taken up a notch or two, because it isn’t just for them, but for others to see. They look at the big picture and need for you to ensure that your marketing strategy is aligned to achieving that goal. Marketing Eye’s systems, processes and technology is perfect for clients that have operations like this, so once you have worked out the landscape of how to be a ‘Marketing Eye’, this type of client will be smooth sailing.
  • Large corporations use Marketing Eye for projects, marketing audits, marketing strategies, entering new markets and sometimes just to have an extra set of ‘Marketing Eye’s’ over their business. They also seek to use Marketing Eye to ensure that their marketing departments are as effective and efficient as possible, utilising their marketing budget in the right places and achieving the desired results. Working with large corporates requires you to be on your ‘A Game’ and often be able to navigate office politics. Sometimes marketing departments will embrace you as they too want to take their business to the next level. Other times, they will see you as competition or someone who is ‘telling them that they are not doing a good job’ because you may know more about marketing than them in some areas. These marketing consulting gigs are very rewarding but make sure you understand the processes internally, their company style guide and key messages and any boundaries that they have.


On-the-job training

There is a formal process to training and an informal process. The on-the-job training comes from working closely with your colleagues. At this stage in your career (post 2 years of being a marketer) our expectation is that you have strong marketing skills in some areas, but not all. It’s the weaknesses in marketing that we encourage you to work on with your colleagues and have them train and develop you. This will require you to job-share, skill-share, and collaborate. Everybody find this part of their job the most rewarding. People like learning and developing their skills and it gives people that are sometimes more junior an opportunity to teach their more experienced counterparts, where they can be the ‘trainer’ or ‘leader’ in the equation.

You will never stop learning but the first 3 months will be intense. You may go home at night and have a shower and fall straight into bed. Once you get through the first 3 months, it should be smooth sailing and the most rewarding job of your career.


Technology training

Train on the latest marketing technology and existing marketing technologies that accelerate the performance of marketers, creating data analytics to ensure that your marketing campaigns are achieving desired results.

We build proprietary technology from psychological profiling and skill testing for marketers through to the revolutionary Robotic Marketer – the first in the world.

Technologies we use daily include marketing automation, e-marketing, mobile technologies, data analytics, customer relationship management and more.