Value Proposition Workshops

Value Proposition Workshops

Value Proposition Workshops

Marketing Eye provides a structured approach to develop both your Value Proposition and Key Messages for your company. This workshop includes interviewing your customers to receive feedback to help build the company’s Value Proposition. Once completed, Marketing Eye will deliver the Unique Value Proposition in a presentation to each SAP Partner that participates in a workshop.

Designed to assist companies in identifying their unique value proposition, the value of their services and solutions, what they offer, benefits, proof of USP, and differentiation within the market will be the outcome of the workshops.

SAP Channel Partners – Value Proposition Workshops

The 4-part workshop includes:

Preparation for the Workshop:

  • The Initial meeting ensures that everyone on your team is well-prepared to get the most out of the USP workshop. This meeting will identify key areas that will be addressed, homework for participants, and "thinking" required to achieve goals.
  • Typically, this takes 30 minutes and will be over Microsoft Teams.

Survey Three Customers

  • This survey will question your customers on what your Value Proposition is currently.
  • These findings will be provided before Value Proposition Workshop.

2 Hour Value Proposition Workshop

  • Introduction to ‘what is a value proposition’ and how the Partner can differentiate themselves from its competitors.
  • Discussion on what the company offers, to whom, and why.
  • UVP Framework Optimizer:
    • Value offered
    • Products/Services/Solutions offered
    • Market – customer insight
    • Benefits of working with your company
    • Proof of benefits – case studies
    • Differentiation from competitors
  • Presentation of findings

    • Marketing Eye will present the outcome of the workshop with a visual presentation inclusive of critical messages.

As Marketing Eye has worked extensively with Channel Partners around the world, we can help Partners on a journey to discovery, ascertain what your company does well, and how it applies to your customers' decision-making process.

Financial Contribution: $1,800

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