Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye offers a fixed fee recruitment service for companies seeking a Marketing Assistant, Marketing
Co-ordinator, Marketing Executive or Marketing Manager.

Our service delivers businesses with a marketing resource that fits your culture, adds value to your business and is continually updated with the latest in marketing techniques through an ongoing training program with Marketing Eye.

To hire:
Marketing Eye Recruitment Fee:
Marketing Assistant
Marketing Co-ordinator
Marketing Executive
Marketing Manager

Marketing Eye will:
  • Develop a tailor-made job description
  • Market the position through media, online recruitment platforms and the Marketing Eye marketing machine
  • Review all applications
  • Respond to all applications
  • Set up a series of 3 interviews:
        -  First is the initial introductory interview with shortlist
        -  Second is an interview with your management team or key stakeholders
        -  Third is the final interview accompanied by tactical marketing appraisal
And Keep Them…

In addition, Marketing Eye gives companies the option of engaging in training updates on a monthly basis for their marketing team that includes webinars and marketing seminars at a fixed yearly fee in Sydney and Melbourne only.

For more information on how you can recruit the right marketing person for your team, please contact 1300 300 080 or online and speak to our marketing consultant today!