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AI powered marketing strategies are being funded by Market Development Funds under SAP’s Channel Partner program to help channel partners win more business. The allocation of MDF funds to Sydney based marketing strategy technology company, Robotic Marketer is being well received globally with the company delivering marketing strategies to companies in France, UK, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Netherlands and Italy.

With four years in development, the AI powered automated marketing strategy technology has proven to be powerful in helping SAP Channel Partners realise their market potential and aligned marketing tactics with sales goals and marketing objectives.

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“As the founder of Robotic Marketer it is great to see so many companies around the world using this technology to drive the development of powerful marketing strategies. Given the relationship between Robotic Marketing and marketing consulting firm, Marketing Eye, it’s the perfect marriage,” said founder of Robotic Marketer and Marketing Eye, Mellissah Smith.

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“Once a company has a strategy, it needs to be carefully, and strategically implemented with the right marketing resources and talent. We are able to achieve this with such a strong alignment between strategy and execution in our sister companies.”

Robotic Marketer was built from machine learning obtained from Marketing Eye marketing strategies and after the development of the prototype launched into an independent company working with small and medium sized businesses globally.

As a MDF Funded marketing resource to SAP Channel Partners globally, Robotic Marketer will see an influx of new businesses using the platform over the upcoming months.

“MDF Funds are being allocated by SAP Channel Partners globally right now. Companies are more likely to see results in their marketing efforts when a marketing strategy is in place, so we expect high demand for Robotic Marketer marketing strategy development.

“Once a marketing strategy is developed, it needs to be implemented. Quite often companies don’t have the resources to do this inhouse. With Marketing Eye also being a MDF approved resource through SAP Channel Partnership program, we expect to see a huge spike in the lead generation efforts of SAP Channel Partners as a result,” said Mellissah Smith.

For more information on how you can leverage your MDF Funds better, contact Anna D’Souza on 1300 300 080 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.