Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye is a widely recognised marketing strategy consulting firm working with organisations around the world to strategise sales and marketing plans, solving marketing problems and auditing marketing functions and capabilities. Our experienced professionals are skilled across marketing strategy, public relations, communications, lead generation, brand building and digital marketing. 

We have built our business on developing the best talent, using technology to power marketing performance and using experience in sales and marketing to establish industry best practice. We use Robotic Marketer marketing strategy technology platform integrated into Salesforce, Mailchimp, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Alexa.

With extensive knowledge gained from working with companies from startup through to multinational businesses, Marketing Eye is capable of helping your business navigate each stage in its marketing lifecycle. From general marketing consulting through to developing marketing strategies, setting up for investment, or launching new products and services to the market. Our sweet spot is companies that are seeking high growth and entering new markets that require smarter, faster and more results driven marketing campaigns aligned to business goals.


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Well-equipped with creative, design and web expertise, Marketing Eye have the aptitude and resources of a ‘big firm’. We deliver our approach with the personal touch and of a small agency.

There is nothing more important to us than our clients’ relationships and their goals. With a comprehensive understanding of your company, we communicate in a way that resonates with your market and pushes your brand to the forefront of its industry. We invest in our own technology and systems so we can work more efficiently and effectively than that anywhere else.

Our drive for continued development, eye for innovation and market leading practises are what sets us apart from the competition. Marketing Eye has an international presence which helps us to selectively dispense disruptive marketing channels and strategies; this edge ensures our clients have a sustained competitive advantage.