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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality publication in both design and innovation, while delivering quality content from industry professionals with engaging writing styles. Marketing Eye Magazine strives to provide entrepreneurs and C-level SMB members with thought leadership on marketing’s most complex problems. We want your business to grow, just as you do.

About Us

Marketing Eye Magazine is an industry leading marketing source for businesses of all sizes, which are focused on rapid and sustainable growth. Released quarterly, Marketing Eye Magazine expands worldwide and reaches 100,000 readers. The publication has a strong foothold in the United States and Australia, and has high interest within all market sectors of SMB executives.

Marketing Eye Magazine is focused on consistently expanding the reach of substantial marketing ideas and information, while maintaining the highest level of design and innovation. We highlight our experience and showcase our clients – aimed at business executives and marketers in the US and Australia.

The magazine provides readers with insight into the constantly evolving marketplace, driving innovation and new ideas while many others remain stagnant and afraid of change.

Marketing Eye Magazine gives a business approach to emerging marketing trends, providing tips and tricks with a personal touch. Several sections are dedicated to entrepreneurs, business leaders, technology and the future of marketing – all which are written, designed, and compiled in-house.

Marketing Eye Magazine is a leading choice for industry leading companies and marketers throughout the US and Australia, and our continued growth in readership strengthens the position of the magazine in the competitive marketplace.

Our Focus

Thought Leadership is at the center of all editorial content in Marketing Eye Magazine. To achieve this we maintain five core elements:

Innovation, creativity, design, technology, rapid growth


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How to Be an Office Superstar
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Growing Your Business 50 percent in 2014
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Advertising Member (client) Rate: $1,200 per page* Non-member Rate: $1,900 per page*

*Advertisers receive complementary Marketing Eye white paper

Influencing Company Growth

Marketing Eye Magazine understands the importance of continuous and sustainable growth, which can be achieved by tactical marketing and creative content. Our publication contains interviews and articles focused on our current and past clients, helping them reach an even greater client base.

Marketing Eye Magazine helps start the conversation with your audience by creating engaging content aimed at influencing company growth. We work to deliver your message in print and online, helping you leverage your goals to:

  • Drive key messages
  • Connect with growing audience
  • Deepen engagement

Advertise with Us

Marketing Eye Magazine focuses entirely on current marketing trends, giving insight to solving complex marketing problems, while creating engaging content. Currently, there are many sources for marketing information that are very accessible. Our publication gives any advertiser the opportunity to professionally engage with our ever-expanding audience of key decision makers and marketing innovators around the world.

  • Expand your reach
  • Drive sales and traffic
  • Increase communication with key decision makers

Portfolio section represents Marketing Eye’s current and past clients and the designs we delivered to them.

For our clients, we compile a design portfolio consisting of web, marketing and sales collateral, business cards, brochures and many others. For an additional cost, we can also showcase our clients through a full-page ad or complete editorial.

Engaging Editorials

Marketing Eye Magazine’s editorials are directed at entrepreneurs, marketers, key decision makers and industry leaders. We are marketers, creating leading content and design, with writing as a strong suit. We cover all aspects of business and industry:

  • Groundbreaking marketing techniques
  • Industry leaders and innovators
  • People
  • Technology
  • Business
  • World travel
  • Success
  • Logistics
  • Company culture
  • Finance and investing
  • Sales
  • Energy
  • Retail

Bottom line: anyone who opens Marketing Eye Magazine will find engaging content and design.

Print Programs

Quarterly Print: Our print edition is released quarterly, consistently expanding in content and readership. We compile a complete design portfolio showcasing our existing clients. Each issue reaches more than 60,000 readers worldwide.

Editorial: Our writers cover an ever-expanding amount of topics. We accept submissions that are well written, engaging and focused on thought leadership directed toward SMBs and entrepreneurs.

Online Magazine: Marketing Eye Magazine is an online news medium sharing information relating to entrepreneurs and marketers. Our online content is consistently updated with new stories and blogs.

We also offer an online edition of the magazine, meaning you can read it anywhere, from any device. Our online following gives all contributors the opportunity to reach an even larger audience of industry leaders and potential customers.

Frequency: 4 Issues per year


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  • Marketing Director
  • Chairman
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  • General Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Social Media


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Marketing Eye Magazine uses a Macintosh OS X platform. All materials must be submitted in PDF or InDesign format.

Image Resolution

Photographic images should be prepared at a resolution of 300dpi at full size.

Font Types/Specs

All fonts must be PostScript Type 1

If sending a PDF, all fonts must be embedded into the PDF


We recommend every logo to be sent in illustrator eps format or bit-mapped to at least 300dpi

Terms and Conditions

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1. Agency Commission and Payment

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2. Cancellation and Changes

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3. Publisher’s Liability

Publisher is not liable for any failure or delay in printing, publishing, or circulating any copies of the issue of the Magazine in which advertising is placed pursuant to an insertion order that is caused by, or arising from, an act of God, accident, fire, strike, terrorism or other occurrence beyond Publisher’s control.

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