Marketing Executive - Melbourne

Marketing Executive - Melbourne

Catapult your marketing career
with a role at Marketing Eye


Marketing Eye is an end-to-end outsourced marketing services firm located in Australia and North America.

We have worked with hundreds of companies primarily in the SMB space, to develop marketing strategies and implement tactical marketing activations. Typically, we work in the technology, manufacturing, professional services, logistics, health and mining sectors.

A role at Marketing Eye ensures that a marketing professional is competent across all marketing disciplines and are able to draw from internal resources in web, digital, graphic design and branding.

The types of daily activities a marketing professional would undertake include:

  • Use of technology: Each employee is trained on the use of Robotic Marketer marketing strategy platform, and will utilize all social media platforms and third-party technologies such as salesforce, HarvestApp, ASANA and MailChimp.
  • Marketing strategies: Marketing professionals are trained on conducting marketing workshops and developing marketing strategies through Robotic Marketer.
  • Communications: There is a lot of writing involved in working at Marketing Eye. From email marketing campaigns, blogs, social media content, website content and email communications to clients – strong writing skills is critical to the role.
  • Digital marketing campaigns: Marketing Eye works extensively with digital marketing campaigns and requires all marketers to be competent in developing integrated digital marketing campaigns that include email marketing, sponsored advertising, sponsored posts, social media advertising and content, video etc.
  • Websites: Marketing Eye manages a lot of websites for clients and is required to continually keep up-to-date with Google Analytics and Alexa, creating content, ensuring user experience is optimized and creating websites that generate leads for clients.


  • You would need to have a degree in communications or marketing.
  • Your attention to detail needs to be one of your biggest strengths.
  • Being a self-starter and having a positive demeanour is essential.
  • Customer experience is everything. Without clients, there is no business. Understanding this is very important.


Marketing Eye employees remuneration packages are commensurate with experience and what value an employee brings to the table. Many employees receive significant pay rises in the first year of employment due to their quick learning skills and ability to do marketing for clients.

Salary range for role:
$65k - $90k plus superannuation.



  • We require strong marketing and communications skills.
  • You will receive training on Marketing Eye processes and technologies.
  • Location is South Yarra, Melbourne.
  • Hours are full-time.
  • Work style is collaborative.
  • Strong digital marketing skills are required.