Marketing Eye
3-MagazinesBuy your copy of Marketing Eye Magazine Today! Available on the shelves on 9th July 2015. 

Marketing Eye Magazine provides stories on entrepreneurs and the latest in marketing. Featuring everyone from Bill Gates and Ashton Kutcher, to newly launched brands and celebrities who have successfully transitioned from television to business.

Marketing Eye has just released issue 2 of its groundbreaking marketing magazine with Australian media identity Sami Lukis on the cover. Marketing Eye magazine has a readership of influentual marketers, entrepreneurs and C-suite executives.

Marketing Eye is a magazine filled with informative stories from business leaders such as yourself and we want you to be involved.

The 84 page glossy magazine is delivered directly to entrepreneurs, Managing Directors, CEOs, Marketing Managers and Senior Managers with an income predominantly over $100,000 p.a. As a highly valued client, we want to give you a voice.

Marketing Eye magazine is a chance to talk directly to this influential market and tell them all about your business and how you can provide the best services in Australia to suit their needs.

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With a similar format to custom magazines like Qantas or Virgin Blue’s in flight magazines, Marketing Eye magazine will feature editorials about:
  • Business leaders - feature articles focus on Australian and global business leaders and offer insights about their road to success
  • Entrepreneurs - aspirational articles to encourage and inspire
  • Leadership - tips to inspire you to become better leaders
  • Marketing - everything from automation and remarketing to inside sales, Marketing Eye takes a cutting edge approach to delivering all the marketing information necessary to help you become a better marketer.
  • Finance - advice and products specifically for the wealth conscious
  • Investment - stocks, property 
  • Business Travel
  • Marketing and Events
Marketing Eye magazine is expertly designed by the talented team at Marketing Eye providing a worthy shelf life in any business’ foyer. We provide ongoing pass on readership therefore exponentially extending the value  of your investment. 

To book your space in the magazine call Marketing Eye on 1300 300 080.


Double Page Spread - $10,990 GST (casual), $10,200 GST (biannual) $9,990 GST (4-issues)
Full Page - $5,990 GST (casual), $5,200 GST (biannual) $4,990 GST (4-issues)
Half Page - $3,990 GST (casual), $3,200 GST (biannual) $2,990 GST (4-issues)

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