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When you set your sights on what you want to achieve in the next 5 years, consider the alternatives. Having been in marketing for 20 years, and many marketing managers that are working in corporate are faced with:
  • Exhaustion from running the corporate treadmill
  • Desire to have work, life balance
  • Changes in lifestyle including having children - needing greater flexibility
  • Long hours of work
  • Lack of interesting and challenging work that has variety and covers all areas of the marketing mix
  • A dream to own their own businesses
Do you shelve your career and become a homemaker, or do you take a lesser role in order to combine work home life balance?


Marketing Eye was established in late 2004 to provide Marketing Managers with a choice, more variety and greater opportunity. A Marketing Eye license can provide;
  • Workforce flexibility
  • Job diversity
  • Ownership of a professional and profitable business
  • Working with a well respected and established brand
  • An established international reputation
  • Established support systems
By providing a small to medium sized business with a Marketing Manager, careered marketing professionals are able to capitalise on experience and creativity to help others build their businesses.

To be considered for a Marketing Eye License, you will need:
  • A  minimum of 3 years experience in marketing
  • Degree qualifications in marketing and/or communications
  • A firm understanding of the marketing mix
  • Ability to consult and execute marketing programs
  • A desire to use the systems and processes of Marketing Eye to build your own business

Owning a Marketing Eye License is a great way for Marketing Managers to make more money than they may have in corporate, for less hours. By simply following the Marketing Eye model and utilising our proven marketing strategy components, you will have the opportunity to build a business and work with the industries best marketers.

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Licensee Recommendation

MelissaBuying a Marketing Eye Licence has changed my life and allowed me to quickly accomplish a long held dream, to own my own business. Capitalising on the strength of the Marketing Eye brand, within 6 months I now have 9 retainers, securing a continuous income which would have been unreachable as an employee. With the support of a leading marketing consultancy, a talented team, and the inspirational Mellissah Smith as my mentor, my hard work translates directly into the growth of my own business - Marketing Eye Brisbane. I recommend the Marketing Eye Licence model to any marketer looking to rapidly achieve their own successful outsourced marketing business.

Melissa Sharp
Marketing Eye Brisbane

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