Small Business

Small Business

Marketing Eye is the leading provider of small business marketing services in Australia. We understand the changing dynamics of small business especially in the current economic climate and have adapted our marketing services to help small businesses re-think their marketing activities and build marketing strategies that achiev business goals.

From branding and rebranding, websites and social media through to lead generation campaigns, public relations and digital marketing, Marketing Eye helps small businesses to reach their business and sales goals through aligning marketing strategies and marketing tactics.

With small business marketing being the catalyst for business success, Marketing Eye has tailored its marketing services offerings in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane markets to provide short-term outsourced marketing offerings including:
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Marketing Strategy and Implementation Plan

Your roadmap to achieving your business goals, Marketing Eye is well-known globally for developing results driven marketing strategies. We help your small business understand your customers better, outperform your competitors and align your marketing tactics to your marketing objectives, giving your business the ability to build brand and generate leads.

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Demand Generation Website Development

Marketing Eye provides small businesses with a team of digital marketing experts, combined with in-house website development and search engine optimisation. Where we stand apart is our understanding of your customers and brand, connecting both in a way that resonates and leads to greater demand for your products and services.

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Social Media Content Creation and Optimisation

As an early adopter of social media, Marketing Eye is one of the world’s leading influencers in social media marketing. We know first-hand how to take your brand from where it is today, to where you would like it to be in the future. Building communities, establishing influence and generating leads is what we are known for.

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Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads

Marketing Eye has built powerful PPC campaigns for clients in the Australian and US markets resulting in multi-millions in sales. We work closely with small business to tailor digital advertising to suit your budget and use Robotic Marketer technology to deep dive into your competitors and market ensuring accuracy of digital marketing campaigns and results.

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Graphic Design Services

Exclusively for small business, Marketing Eye provides a 10 hour per month contract to companies that need graphic design for just $990. This allows for all your graphic design requirements to be fulfilled giving your brand the professionalism needed to compete.

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Email Marketing and Copywriting

Using FutureMail, Constant Contact and Mailchimp platforms, Marketing Eye will develop a custom email template for your brand with call to actions and links to social media and website. As part of our email marketing service, Marketing Eye will provide regular design updates, images and copywriting, ensuring that we make it as easy as possible for you to regularly communicate with your database.

Some benefits that come from working with the Marketing Eye team:

  • An a la carte weekly subscription to our services. We see your marketing through to implementation and provide you with a team of creatives that will brand,, advertise, develop your public relations, increase your web visibility, boost your social media presence and provide lead generation for your bottom line.
  • A complete digital marketing team to get your SEO up, and hit the ground running, engaging customers where they hang out most-- the web. This package includes a website update, social media marketing, online advertising as determined by your needs, and ultimate search engine optimisation.
  • "Start-Up Packages." These packages include the complete launch ( or re-launch) or small business br anding and marketing, and financing packages. The br anding package includes all of the essential marketing materials you need for a launch: logo, website, stationary, and comes with our FREE Marketing Accelerator Book. This package gets you well on your way to setting your brand apart from your competitors.