Marketing Eye
Marketing Eye's client results for search engine optimisation speak for themselves.

We are one of the highest ranked marketing companies on Google in the world and with number one page rankings on all 10 of our keywords, with many ranked number one - Marketing Eye has a brilliant in-house search engine optimisation team.

We don't have to outsource to India - we have our best technical people in-house. Instead we build the best searchable websites and search engine optimisation strategies that increase your traffic long term internally. 

Marketing Eye puts processes in place to improve your organic search results on search engines, reinforcing this fact, we have done this through content marketing, and the development of a strategic search engine optimisation program.

One of the greatest challenges of natural search is by generating the best possible user experience while maintaining all the key elements that achieve optimal search rankings.

Google is constantly modifying algorithms and as such it is imperative that companies are up-to-date and adept at changing their search engine optimisation practices to accommodate these changes.

What we do:

  • Search engine optimisation - Technical enhancements to increase page speed and target the site (and pages) toward specific keywords. This is completed after an audit of the current seo practice and your website.
  • Search engine optimisation copywriting - Marketing Eye is a content marketing specialist. Before content marketing became a trend, we were not only writing about it, but were actually doing it.
  • Backlinks - Marketing Eye develops a backlink strategy for your company and implements it over a six month period
  • Social engagement - We increase your sites social media presence, improving your Alexa ranking and engaging with your target audience on an ongoing basis.
For more information on how Marketing Eye can assist your company and achieve natural search optimisation, please contact us today on 1 300 300 080.