Our seminars and webinars are built around your products and services, and best industry practices. Over the 12-month period, we will assist in promoting your company’s seminars and webinars dedicated to the products and services you offer. Whether you want your product or service to reach a new demographic, or you want to re-position your business in a way that actively engages target markets, Marketing Eye will counsel you every step of the way.

We will promote your seminars/webinars through:

  • Creating and implement marketing deliverables that will positively influence the results of your seminar/webinar
  • Classifying your target audience
  • New and exciting ways to best engage your customers through print media, social initiatives, and other marketing deliverables
  • Providing tools that will increase marketing results
We believe that your business needs a “marketing eye.” Our guidance and tenure within the ever-changing marketing industry makes us the best solution for your marketing needs.

Contact us today for more information on what Marketing Eye can do for your business.

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