Marketing Eye
Are you struggling with your marketing initiatives and does your current marketing strategy align to fit your business goals? 

Marketing Eye excels writing marketing strategies for a diverse group of industries in professional services, some of which include technology, health, medical device, financial services, property, manufacturing, logistics and transportation industries. We have written more than 200, and we continue to be commercial leaders in the field of marketing.

With this extensive marketing strategy experience, we have built a system to ensure that your marketing strategy is aligned to your overall business goals, powering your sales teams and delivering on your brand promise.

We set ourselves apart from other marketing companies, by utilising our in-depth experience in both developing the strategy and executing it, ensuring that each key objective is achieved and KPI is analysed. We work with you to meet your business goals by meeting with your team each quarter to review what is working and what can be improved upon. It's our fully realized acclaimed approach and market knowledge that sets Marketing Eye apart. 

Marketing Eye employs a transformative approach to marketing strategy development, ensuring that if all of your competitors veer one way, that you are setting yourself apart by veering in the other – keeping your company a step above the rest.

Our 5 Step Approach to Developing Your Marketing Strategy Involves:

  1. Conducting a marketing audit of all marketing activities and processes to certify you are using best practice methods
  2. Administer a two phase marketing workshop with key business stakeholders covering business goals / business plans, reviewing marketing resources and going over 110% of your marketing platform
  3. Deep market industry and competitor research is conducted and reviewed 
  4. Clients, prospects, employees and industry stakeholders are thoroughly surveyed
  5. Align marketing strategy to your company's projected marketing budget and make the plan is executable
In today's very competitive market, companies should be aware of ways to reduce their marketing spend, and streamline their marketing efforts. Marketing Eye does this by solidifying a tactical approach to closing sales, facilitating marketing automation, boosting digital marketing performance, and utilize the best industry analytics to better understand customer interaction and loyalty in order to collaborate this knowledge into a singular view. 

By ensuring that your marketing investment works smarter by having a marketing strategy aligned to your business goals, you will ensure that your companies achieve a smarter, more strategic result.

Marketing Eye's marketing strategies cover just some of the following:

  • Customer segmentation (based on needs)
  • Customer lifecycle and lifetime value management
  • Brand and price positioning, value communication
  • Developing new products and services
  • Marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Customer loyalty strategies and programs
  • Digital marketing (online, mobile, social media)

We have implemented thousands of marketing projects and hundreds of marketing strategies, and we bring the profound field knowledge from these case studies to each of our custom marketing strategies. For more information on how to start rolling out your new marketing strategy today, contact us here