Marketing Eye
Staying ahead of competition and correctly implementing the newest technologies is crucial in today’s marketing campaigns. At Marketing Eye, we’re continuously monitoring global marketing breakthrough technologies to work faster and smarter for our clients. This is why we have implemented marketing automation into our clients’ marketing plans, as well as our own.

Marketing Automation allows us to utilise intuitive technology to track and communicate with leads and prospects in a personalised approach. This powerful technology saves time and generates results for your SME by assisting in many key marketing processes, including lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention and marketing ROI measurement.

Marketing Automation gives businesses a simplified approach to digital marketing by approaching leads with relevant messages across multiple channels:

Certified Marketing Automation Partner

Marketing Eye understands the power and competitive advantage that marketing automation provides businesses. Our partnership with Marketo has enabled us to become experts on marketing automation and provide clients with timelier and measureable results at an affordable price.

Through extensive certification training, our team knows the ins and outs on how to properly utilise Marketo’s marketing automation software. Our experienced marketing managers will incorporate the technology into your marketing communications strategy, plan ongoing use, train your team on how to use it and increase the number of hot leads contacting your business daily.

Marketing automation combined with proper training increases the success of marketing campaigns in all digital outlets of your marketing mix. Whether you’re looking for help implementing marketing automation as a client or would like to purchase the software separately for your company, we’re here to help every business achieve success in their marketing efforts.

Call us to learn how marketing automation can become part of your business’s success – contact us today.